Is “Colorblind” Biblical?

Is being “colorblind” a good thing?  Is being “colorblind” biblical?

I (Phil) have to admit that for the longest time, including when we moved to Mound Bayou, I would tell people that I was colorblind.

When we say things like, “I am colorblind” or “I don’t see color”, we are saying that color is a problem and if we remove it, then all will be fine. 

Going back to the original 2 questions… is it a good thing or does that seem biblical? 

Personally speaking, I thought I was being a “good Christian” by saying those things.

Yeah… Not so much…

At Crosstown Fellowship Church, we want to “Celebrate” each other and not “tolerate” each other.  

Toleration always has a breaking point. 

Celebration doesn’t.

Here is a great article addressing “colorblindness” and the ramifications of it.