It Is Finished

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Those 3 words could be some of the most powerful words ever spoken.

Of course, they were said by Jesus while dying on the cross, but when we look at them a bit more closely, we begin to see what really is finished and why that is important.

Since the beginning of time, man has struggled. That struggle fleshes itself out in many ways; broken relationships, hardships, pain, toil, selfishness, strong desires just to name a few. The results of those things are evidenced in outcomes such as adultery, sexual temptations, divorce, the pursuit of anything other than God and more.

The Bible calls this “sin”. Sin, an archery term, means to miss the mark. Here are 2 questions:

  1. Who creates the mark that needs to be hit?
  2. What happens if the mark isn’t hit?

Let’s begin with who creates the mark…

As we are now, we (human beings) WANT to create the mark and control the mark; maybe even be able to move the mark. It is so much easier that way, isn’t it? I mean, we get to make the rules, and we control how we interpret them. If things are going the way that I think they should go I can just shift the mark a little bit to suit me. 

Relativity is something that is not new to people. Since the beginning of time, people have been taking a potential truth and rearranging it to make it relative to them. If we can control it, manipulate it and move it based on our needs, we can justify just about any action we take.

In the Garden of Eden for instance, we see two people that God created, Adam and Eve. They are in a perfect relationship with God. There are no problems, no issues, and God has given them purpose and jobs to name animals and more. He gives them instructions to eat anything they want from anywhere except one place. 

From the start, we see a God that has a deep desire to have a solid, pure and perfect relationship with His creation, which, by the way, He calls the very best of all that He created. He has a desire for this not because He needs us but because we are created in His image, His design. From the very beginning, God’s desire for us was His very best.

If we go back to the way that we want to make things relative to us and our situations, this is not a new thing. In a situation like that, we see two things happen; we either see someone ignore God’s perfect design for us and His desire for a relationship, or we distort it to meet our needs. Listen to these words:

“Did God really say…”

When the greatness that God had for us was bent with a few words, man and woman made a choice that changed the course of mankind. It leads to all of the things listed above. 

When we understand that the mark was set forth by God and that the mark is perfection than anything short of that mark is a miss. This is where it starts to rub people the wrong way because we want to believe that we are inherently good and it seems like a bit of a rub when we are told that we have missed that mark. I have even heard some people say, “it doesn’t seem fair”.

God created the mark and we will never be able to hit it on our own…

Point 2- What happens when the mark is missed?

Eternally speaking, not good. Day to day speaking, not good either. We don’t need to look very far to see that our world is a broken place. We FEEL the effects of this daily, some more than others. When we feel that, we have two responses; first make it relative to me and my situation so that I don’t feel that bad, or second, realize that there might be another option.

It is finished are words that Jesus spoke while on the cross. In God’s timing, Jesus was arrested, tried, brutally beaten, spiked to a cross, lifted up in the air on beams where he suffocated to death. A long and incredibly painful death. 

Jesus claimed to be the Messiah. Others also made the same claim. Jesus claimed to be the one that could make things right again. All that was is and will be could be made right if someone just believes in Him. 

It is finished means that it is done. The question is what? In order to make things right again with God, there needed to be a sacrifice. For centuries, people were making animal sacrifices where blood was shed, in order to pay for the sins of the people. Other sacrifices were made as well. The problem is that none of those sacrifices were enough.

Think about all the brokenness that has taken place just in the past 100 years. Now multiply that by another 50 or 100. The brevity of this problem was something greater than an animal’s blood would take care of.  

God said I will take care of the problem. 

Jesus, God in flesh, takes the weight of everything broken, places it upon himself and crushes it all in death. When He said the words, “it is finished”, it meant that all of this brokenness (sin) has been dealt with and taken care of. Past, present and future, all of it dealt with.

So what does this mean? 

What you couldn’t do, God did. It is finished means it is done and that we don’t have to live the way we used to live. It means that the chains that hold us apart from the very best that God has, have been broken. It means that we can live a life of abundance (not necessarily with just money), joy, peace, and happiness because we have been lifted out of something so incredibly tiring.

It is finished is an invitation to the understanding that there is nothing you can do to get out of it. No matter how relative you try to make it today, tomorrow you will probably feel the same and you will need to change the mark.

Sick of changing the mark? Tired of moving the target? 

It is finished was meant for you.



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