We have several ways that you can get involved at Crosstown Fellowship Church. Our connection card is a great place to start. It gives us a little information about you, let’s us know how we can help, and you can tell us how you want to serve.

Just click the form and take 90 seconds to provide a little information so we can get to know each other!


We have two community groups that meet during the school year. One group is in Mound Bayou and the other is in Cleveland. As we continue to expand as a church we are going to start other community groups. We believe that the ideal size for authentic relationships to happen is with a group size of 10-12 people. There is more information about community groups on our app. Download it today by heading to your devices app store. It is free to use!


We encourage people to get involved in their local church community through serving. Everyone has gifts and we would love to have you use those gifts to bless people at Crosstown Fellowship Church.

Some of us have the gift to be up front leading worship and some of us prefer to be behind the scenes. Either way, we could use the help.

We have 4 main ways to get involved. Click the form to fill it out and we will be in touch soon!

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